Unique gifts for unique people

Our gifts are exclusive and presented strictly in one or two samples

Beautiful package

The packaging is truly beautiful, and the passports prove an exclusiveness of each doll

Milanka Brand Story

The story of the boutique started with the very first doll that was purchased on a trip. It was a dog that seemed quite alive. The owner of the brand, Natalia, couldn’t help it but buy the precious gift her son fell in love with.

Just like a true friend the dog since then has turned into the hallmark of the trip, reminding its owners of the unforgettable memoriesof their vacation.

It was right after the trip that Natalia started the collection of unique and exclusive hand-made items from all over the world, so that other people could also get a chance of sharing these unique gifts with their friends and family.

This is the reason why the brand´s first collection is mainy represented by exclusive and extraordinary dolls.
As for today, the store has an exposition of 800 items and 5 distinctive collections.

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