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Milanka Studio is a professional photo studio for rent in OC. We offer a unique shooting space for professional photography and film productions. We also supply quality photographic equipment and accessories. Open 7 days per week.

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Our studio has ample floor space, is fully air-conditioned and features a large shooting cove with high ceiling, and all the facilities and equipment expected by discerning photographers and filmmakers. We provide coffee, tea, and drinking water free of charge.

Studio plan

Space Highlights

  • 2x AW 4 Roller Backdrop Support System Wall
  • Background paper 107x36 : black, white, fashion gray
  • Background paper 53x36 : white, pink, mocha, mint


  • You can rent our exclusive dresses and use our unique dolls as photo props for an additional fee. Please email us for more information.

Studio Equipment

We store a wide range of professional lighting equipment, strobes, continuous lights, softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, light stands, and more.

Strobe Lighting:
  • 3x Godox AD600BM

Continuous Lighting:
  • 2x Godox VL200

Light Modifiers (bowens bayonet): 
  1. 16in/42cm Standard Reflector Beauty Dish with Honeycomb Grid,White Diffuser Sock
  2. Standard Reflector Lamp Shade Dish Diffuser with 20° /40°/ 60° Honeycomb Grid White Soft Cloth
  3. 27in/70cm 10s Quick Setup Portable Collapsible Hexadecagon Large Parabolic Softbox Diffuser
  4. Phottix raja Quick-Folding strip softbox 30*140 cm (12"-55") - 2 pieces
  5. Phottix Raja Quick-Folding softbox 150cm (59") - 1 piece

Light Stands & Mounting:
  1. Neewer Pro 100% Stainless Steel Light Stand Tripod with Pulleys, Heavy Duty Max. Height 10ft/305cm Folded Height 3.9ft/120cm ( 2 pieces)
  2. 4x Neewer Photo Studio Lighting Stand Heavy Duty 10 feet/3 meters Support Stand with 4 feet/1.2 meters Hold Arm and Grip Head
  3. 6x sandbags
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  • Free cancelations with a 48-hour notice from the scheduled time.
  • Studio-Credit if cancelled with 24-hour notice.
  • No refund if cancelled without 24-hour notice.

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